Boceprevir is FDA Approved:Now What?

Now that Boceprevir is FDA approved, it seems that a big sigh of relief has been let out by both patients and physicians. Despite this great news and FDA success, the work now starts, evaluating and screening the thousands of patients that have been waiting for this day.

Here is my advice to all concerned patients:

  • I cannot stress the need to get your old records related to past HCV therapies. This will help assist us in how to best manage you on the three-drug combination.
  • Get the report from your most recent liver biopsy. The degree of damage, or lack of it, will be of great value when we discuss how to best treat you.
  • Have an up to date list of all your other medical condition, if this applies to you. Other conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, depression, or cancer will allow us to modify treatment as needed-taylored specifically to you.
  • Have the names and phone numbers of all your treating physicians and health care providers. Communication with them is vital.

This is an exciting time for all of us. Call us if you have questions and concerns. We will be updating the blog and website daily. Stay tuned to these new development.

Now What Do We Do?

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