Beets: Giving it the Respect it Deserves

Beets are a Super Food

I eat beets; lots of them and most days.  Unfortunately, my family and colleagues at the office share neither my passion nor enthusiasm for this excellent vegetable.  What a shame.  They are missing out!

Beets originated in the Mediterranean. Like so many other colored vegetables, they started off being used primarily for medicinal purposes and grown solely for their leaves. It wasn’t until approximately the 1800s when beets became a common food (creative chefs in France then realized their amazing culinary potential).  In addition, their rich purple color adds a great visual appeal when accompanied with other foods. 

Part of the Amaranth family, beets, in particular the red-rooted garden beet are quite popular.  They can be found and purchased all year round, but they are primarily a winter vegetable and thrive most when grown in cooler temperatures. Beet season runs from June through October, so you will be able to eat delicious beets all through the hot summer and into the early fall. Summertime is when they are the tenderest. 

As nutrients go, they have detoxification qualities and are a great source of folate, which is essential for a healthy cardiovascular system.  Additionally, beets are a good source of fiber, and known to help protect against colon cancer, birth defects and heart disease.

Don’t miss out on these.  They are well worth it!  I often put them over greens and add goat cheese, broccoli, walnuts, and grilled chicken.  I then top them with olive oil and either Apple Cider, balsamic or coconut vinegar. 

For tips on how to cook beets, click here.

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