Charles Barkley and Weight Watchers: A Great Team

Today is day eight of the 31 Days of Wellness. The driving force behind these 31 days is to make everyone more conscious about their own personal health and wellness, and to give you the tools to start thinking about various options to achieve your optimal wellness.

While I specialize in diseases of the liver and liver transplantation, health and wellness impacts my liver patients as well as those without live disease. Looking at the diseases that plague adults today, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, these gare the top killers of adults. Trying to control obesity, which I believe is the single most serious public health issue we face today, is of supreme importance.

Developing a strategy for weight loss is central to this effort.

I was pleased to see the new advertising campaign sponsored by Weight Watchers, who have recruited Charles Barkley, as their new spokesperson. In the advertisements with Sir Charles, he points out that there is a misconception that Weight Watchers is strictly a weight loss program for women. This unfortunately is a misconception that is held by most men, who would not be caught dead in a Weight Watchers meeting, let alone admitting that they follow a Weight Watchers weight loss program. In speaking with my own patients, most men look at me with great disdain when I give them Weight Watchers as an option to control their obesity.

While we will always continue to recommend eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lean meat, the avoidance of all processed foods needs to be a significant part of a healthy diet. I have absolutely no problem with both men and women following Weight Watchers. My hope is that this new advertising campaign with a popular figure like Charles Barkley will help a large number of people at risk for the devastating complications of obesity.


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