Chuck Garcia’s Paleo Playground: Full Body Work Out in the Woods

Editors Note: Thinking outside of the box is what we are offering to our followers. Chuck’s point is well taken-get out of the sterile environment of the gym and get outside and do physical labor. This activity, when varied, will be very beneficial to your health, while toning muscle and burning calories. Enjoy.  Dr. Joe Galati

When I am not running outdoors, I’m a gym rat.  I spend 4 or 5 days a week in the gym, and work out in some fashion for up to 45 minutes.  On weekends however, I prefer to spend my work out time outdoors at home with nature.

To break the monotony of the temperature controlled gym, I offer a workout that is consistent with the way our ancestors lived.  You breathe fresh air, and work every body part.  The equipment then is everything that surrounds us that was not manufactured in a factory.

I think you’ll find it is an excellent change from the indoor routine.


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