Day 7: Rules to Follow at the Gym

Stick to it this Year

This past week, the Wall Street Journal published an article on how to be successful at the health club this year.

50 million Americans belong to a health club.  Given we are still in the New Year’s resolution phase, January is the most important month of the year for the health club industry.  At many gyms, memberships double.  However, about one third of those members choose not to renew 12 months later.

One of the primary reasons membership may not be sustainable is based on an individual’s mind set when going to the gym.  They may not have goals or expectations, or they simply get frustrated that they don’t look or feel any different.

Consequently, I thought you would enjoy and take away some excellent advice.  What the author asks you to consider is a great way to insure you are optimizing your time at the gym (and subsequent gym fees).

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