It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

Apples Turning to Candy: A Prescription for Bad Health

Editors note: In Chuck Garcia’s entry today, he points out an important issue, how food manufactures manipulate the look, feel, and taste of food in order to have you buy it, and eventually eat it. Manufactured food, far from how it is found in nature, sends a poor message to the young. Developing a taste for foods in the natural state simply takes time. Your taste buds will adjust. Don’t rush the process with artificial colors, flavors, and re-engineering of the food. Dr. Joe Galati

I am continually amazed at food scientists who keep working on to ways to make an unsuspecting consumer believe they are eating something healthy.  In this case however, even the apple farmers have taken something out of the play book of the food scientists.

As noted in a recent article from NPR online,  a new “fruit” that recently appeared in the supermarket is called the Grapple.  It looks like an apple but is covered in what they call a “relaxing bath” of natural and artificial Concord grape flavors.  In their quest to sell more fruit to children (a worthy cause indeed), it seems kids prefer grape flavoring more than the taste of apple themselves.   Just the world “flavoring” is the first hint that this can’t be good.

The rationale here is that if kids eat grape flavored apples, they’re more likely to try unflavored apples.  I commend their attempt to get kids to eat apples.  However, as the inventors will not disclose what these apples are “bathed in” it is not a leap to assume they are covered in sugar and some chemicals we can’t pronounce.

What’s the difference between a Grapple and sugar coating candy?  Let’s not mess with Mother Nature any more than we need to.  This only fuels the children’s’ addiction who are already addicted to sugar and eat more artificially sweetened food products. Fuji and gala apples are already among the sweetest varieties of apple.  Why disguise what Mother Nature already invented into making us think we are eating something healthy?

Stick to eating God’s creation (all fruits and vegetables) in their pure, unadulterated food.  I encourage you not to give in to these kinds of tricks that deceive us into thinking we are eating a whole food.


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