Putting in Place a Nutrition Framework: Outer Aisle God Food vs Inner Aisle Man Food

As you are on the third day of your New Year’s Resolution, put a nutrition plan in place that is sensible, easy to follow, and not subject to outside influences like the numerous lobbyists who want U.S. lawmakers to legislate our way further into the obesity crisis.  The good news is the U.S. Department of Agriculture has made modifications to the outdated Food Pyramid.  They now have it partly right. The bad news is it’s also partly wrong.   Dairy and grains do not belong and should be eliminated.  See more in subsequent posts about the dangers of both.

See below for what’s right and what’s wrong:

As the American population continues to get more obese, the framework supported by this agency will not solve our obesity crisis.  Given the glut of gluten allergies and lactose intolerance, perhaps one day they will get this right.

Hopefully, you took my suggestion a couple of days ago to either buy or download Mark Sisson’ The Primal Blueprint.   If not, I’ll give you a head start.  The concept of a pyramid is good.  However, time to focus on the one that will actually improve your health.

My Plate: Partly Correct

What’s easy about this is?  There are only 5 food types to consider:

  1. Animal Protein
  2. Vegetables
  3. Fruits
  4. Nuts
  5. Seeds

Things to avoid:  Grains, dairy, and everything else.  It if doesn’t come from a farm or the wild (think Salmon), don’t eat it.

That’s it?  Yes.  It’s so easy.  Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider as you head to the supermarket.


  • Nothing should be consumed that comes out of a box or a bag.  It has been stripped of its nutrients and has very little (if anything) that is good for you.  If anything, the chemical additives are hurting you!
  • If it has a label, it is not to be consumed. Chances are you cannot even pronounce the ingredients.  Don’t eat processed food!
  • You will walk only the outer aisles where the above 5 foods are found.  No reason to read anything with a food label.  The ingredient in a blueberry:  blueberry.  Nothing processed; no additional ingredients to read.   It’s that simple!
  • The inner food aisles (with few exceptions, i.e. Olive Oil) are off limits. 
  • If whatever you are holding makes any kind of health claim (fortified with riboflavin, etc), don’t believe it!  When is the last time a tomato made any kind of claim?  It doesn’t have to; it’s just healthy.

To learn more (and appreciate) about the power of walking the outer aisles ONLY for your food, see the site Outer Aisles Foods.

If you are not comfortable converting an eating plan all at once, set yourself a time line to eliminate all INNER AISLE FOOD within a few weeks.  Inner aisle food is synonymous with SAD, the STANDARD AMERICAN DIET.

Make the change and reap the health benefits.

Outer Aisles Shopping

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