Red Meat: How Much and How Bad? A Podcast with Dr. Galati and Matt Patrick of KTRH Radio

Reduce Sausage and Other Processed Meats

This past week, there was yet another medical report re-stating the potential dangers of consuming excess red and processed meat. The claims of increasing the risk of kidney cancer was the focus of the most recent report, though past reports have linked red meat to colon cancer, diabetes, and a host of other health problems.

Listen here for a recent broadcast of Dr. Galati: Danger of Red Meat on the KTRH Morning Show with Matt Patrick, where I review some of the findings and make a few simple recommendations.

We will always stress the need to consume a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables. Meat is fine, as long as it is fresh, lean, and not processed. It is as simple as that. Processed anything should be avoided like the plague.

A recent rundown of articles discussing the health hazards of meat are posted below. Let me know what you think, and tell me if any of these studies are going to change your eating behavior?

American Cancer Society: Nutrition and Activity on Cancer Risks

Meat Preparation and Cancer Risk

Bacon and Sausage: Increased Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Meat Consumption and Cancer Risk

Red Meat and Breast Cancer 

Sausage and Cancer 

Deli Meat and Cancer 


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