Wondering About WonderBread


Given this rough economy, you hate to see any company fall into hard times.  On occasion, however, I will make exceptions.

In the last few days, Hostess Brands, the maker of Twinkies, Sno Balls, and Wonder Bread has declared bankruptcy.  They are not out of business, just seeking protection from its creditors under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code.  In their filing, the company said its rivals have expanded their reach and tightened competition in the snack space.  In addition, high pension costs and medical benefits have soared putting their financials in distress.

But there is something else going on here that is cause for attention.  The 87 year old company of the world’s junkiest junk food, knows that health conscious Americans favor alternative snacks like yogurt and energy bars.  While they may not be ideal snacks (some sugar and preservatives) they sure beat a twinkie or Sno Ball, not to mention that most useless of what used to be considered a staple of American kitchens:  Wonder Bread.  Much to our good fortune, Hostess snacks simply don’t fit into the U.S. trend toward adopting a healthier life style.

I won’t even bother to explanation the ingredients in twinkies; we can’t pronounce them anway.  However, Wonder Bread is filled with, among other things, a chemical food additive called maltodextrin.  It’s like taking a few cups of sugar and spooning them directly into your mouth.  Their slogan when I grew up was, “Wonder Bread Helps build strong bodies 12 ways.”

Give me a break!  Did they actually believe this?  Their white bread doesn’t build anything but a big fat belly.   The fate of Hostess has not yet been sealed.  Perhaps they will emerge from bankruptcy providing something different.   My guess is they’ll change the packaging and advertising and try to make us believe that the “New Hostess” is healthy and wholesome.  Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing!

If they eventually go out of business with their current offerings, this will not be the cause of any sadness.  There is simply no place for the garbage they call food in our diets.

I wish the employees well, but hope that Hostess re-engineers and re-tools to provide something we can actually eat.  Otherwise, they belong in the long line of defunct companies who failed to listen to the growing trends of its customers.

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