God Food vs Man Food: Making the Choices

Chuck Garcia offers yet another view of food.

Whichever God you may pray to, he/she created the heavens and the earth.  Whether Adam & Eve lived in the Garden of Eden or we evolved from the primates, it doesn’t matter.  We are here on this Earth and have a great many gifts that God created so we can sustain our species.  We need fresh water and food, both of which are in abundant supply for those of us who live in the modern world.

Water is easy to figure out.  Just avoid any water that claims to have some health additive and you’ll be fine.  Filter your tap water or buy already filtered water.  Also, stay away from sugared drinks including sports drinks and most bottled or canned juice.  They are unhealthy in spite of their claims.

But what to eat?  That is a much more complicated question.  Never did God believe that choosing what to eat could be so stressful and complicated.  Long before biochemistry was taught in school, the quest for optimal health was controlled by how (and how often) we nourished our bodies.  It was easy when we were caveman: wild animals, fish, wild berries, veggies, nuts.  The hardest part was running after a wild deer or trying to catch a fish with primitive tools.  We now have that part figured out.

In these modern times however, we have added an element to God’s plan he probably didn’t count on.  We take food from a farm, send it to a factory, strip it of its nutrients so it doesn’t spoil easily, seal it in a bag, and put some colorful and nifty label on it and convince people why they should buy it.

What do we have here?  What’s going on??  We have separated food into 2 components:  GOD food, and MAN food.  What’s the difference?  GOD food is what our ancestors ate long before the powerful food processing companies came along and created MAN food.  GOD food is a gift from the earth, the foods meant to be consumed that were created by GOD and unaltered.  No added sugar, no flour, nothing to dilute the nutrients.

MAN food:  Junk!  This is something that is supposed to resemble food.  Just because it is edible does not mean it should be eaten.  This is the processed food that is leading our society to one giant obesity crisis.  MAN food should be avoided as much as possible.  95% of the supermarket aisles are devoted to MAN food.  Avoid them like the plague.  Stay away; those isles are off limits (with few exceptions).

The message:  Eat GOD food.  You will find it in the periphery of your supermarket.  You’ll recognize them because they don’t have any labels or fancy packaging.  For instance, when you see a bowl of bluberries, do you look for a label?  No, its GOD food and unnecessary.  Broccoli, no label there.

Also, God food is medicine.  Hippocrates, that wise old Greek Doctor whose oath is the essence of how physicians practice their craft, once said “Let food be they medicine, let medicine be thy food.”  GOD food is not only good for you, if often heals.

Make a plan to eat only the food God intended.  As part of that plan abolish anything that man processed.  May you live long and prosper!



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