Olive Garden Restaurant: Not Part of a Healthful Diet

Welcome to Day 13, of the 31 Days of Wellness. One of the favorite posts I have made over the years is based on a radio segment I did on Your Health First a couple of years ago. I posted the radio segment on several sites, and in turn, the link was copied around the web on other health conscious web and blog pages.

Real Italian Food

As it turns out, there are a lot of people that I meet that have hear the short segment, and agree with my comments. As previously stated in this blog:

So here we are, talking about health. The previous posts for the most part have dealt with some aspect of nutrition. I cannot over emphasize how important nutrition is with regard to your health. We are surrounded by fast food establishments, and we are pressured to eat around the clock (why must Wendy’s be open all night long in small town USA?).  A few months ago I spoke on the radio regarding an experience at Olive Garden. Being Italian, it is impossible for me to ever consider this food “Italian”.  Attached is a commentary I made several months ago.

For the New Year, make a deal with yourself, and your family, to not eat out, and cook meals at home together. We will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Listen here: Dr. Galati Discusses Olive Garden Food

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