Junk Food Disguised as Healthy: Don’t Be Fooled

Excess sugar and carbohydrates.

Excess sugar and carbohydrates.

Good nutrition is a requirement for wellness. There is no doubt that good nutrition prevents disease. Most reasonable people seek out foods that are nutritions, and thus support wellness. But, you need to beware that the food marketers are taking advantage of you-big time. We are conditioned to select foods and products that support the notion of “healthy”, “natural”, “organic”, “low-fat”, “heart-healthy”, “whole grain”, “gluten free”, “high in protein”, and a host of other claims. None of these statements makes the product healthy, healthful, or a required part of your diet. In fact, I am a firm believer if any food makes a health claim, don’t buy it. Period.

While shopping yesterday, I was once again intrigued by the vast number of man-made products openly displaying these health claims. Look closer, and you see they are loaded with fat, sugar, carbohydrates, calories, and a host of chemicals we were not meant to consume. Shoppers today are in a rush, and as soon as they see any of these health claims, their inner soul has the sense that this is good for them and their family. Instead of buying lots of fruits and veggies, the shopping carts are filled with garbage. Fresh fruit rots if not used in a timely fashion. Junk in a box will survive a nuclear attack (or at least a few months in the closet). We hate waste, and love shelf life. So what’s the bottom line of all this:

  1. Be aware of and avoid foods that have health claims
  2. Don’t buy snack bars as a source of available food on the run
  3. Never consume snack bars as a meal replacement-this will lead to obesity
  4. Plan meals and snacks through the day better
  5. Only buy food that rots
  6. Commit to eating better. It takes work. It sucks being ill.

Let me know what you think.

Dr. Joe Galati

Beware of Health Claims-Eat Real Food

Beware of Health Claims-Eat Real Food






4 Responses to “Junk Food Disguised as Healthy: Don’t Be Fooled”

  1. Brad 08/09/2015 at 6:12 pm #

    Perhaps consider posting a “healthy recipe of the week” on the web site and a mention on the radio show, similar to the broccoli robb segment. Thanks.

  2. Ron 11/25/2015 at 10:02 am #

    Don’t eat food that has ingredients, only eat food that IS ingredients.

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