Three Questions About Fatty Liver: Dr. Rashid Khan Explains

Fatty Liver DiseaseDr. Rashid Khan adds additional information to better understanding fatty liver disease.

As a follow up to my last blog entry on fatty liver disease a few months ago, I thought I would highlight three common questions patients with this condition ask.

1. “Doctor, I don’t drink any alcohol, how can I get fatty liver, I thought that was something you get if you drink?”

A common misconception amongst patients I frequently encounter. It used to be thought that fatty liver disease was usually caused by excessive alcohol intake. However, it now recognized that obesity and diabetes could cause fatty liver. As obesity and diabetes have become more common, so has fatty liver disease.

2. “Does it cause any complications?”

Never ceases to amaze me that most if not all patients with fatty liver in my office do not seem to know the risk of progression to cirrhosis. They seemed genuinely surprised when I mention this fact. Further ,fatty liver disease may add to the already high risk of heart disease if you are obese or have diabetes.

3. “What is the treatment?”

The best treatment is weight loss. Weight loss has a very direct effect: As people lose weight, the fatty liver becomes less fatty.There’s been some research into using diabetes drugs and vitamin E to treat fatty liver disease But there’s not enough evidence yet to recommend them in every patient.

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