Is There a Special Diet for Liver Disease Patients?

Proper Food for the Liver?

Proper Food for the Liver?

Probably the most common question I am asked, is regarding a special diet to follow if you have liver problems.  Here is an updated answer to these questions.

The simple diet is “no”…nothing special, but this does not mean you eat what you want.

Generally speaking, if you have liver disease, you want to do the following:

  1. Limit daily sodium (salt) intake to 2,000 mg per day or less.
  2. Don’t eat anything in a box, can, or bag.
  3. Don’t eat processed foods.
  4. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  5. Eat fresh lean meat and fish.
  6. If it doesn’t rot, don’t eat it.
  7. Drink more coffee-2-4 cups of brewed coffee per day.
  8. Avoid alcohol (bonus answer)

View the recent video outlining these suggestions in more detail.

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