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Availability of Unhealthy Fast Foods Adding to Obesity and Healthcare Crisis.

Availability of Unhealthy Fast Foods Adding to Obesity and Healthcare Crisis.

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Don’t Eat This: Bagels

Don’t Eat This: Bagels

A Hazard to Your Health













Day 2 of the 31 Days of Wellness addresses a food to avoid.

I grew up in New York eating bagels. My favorite was sesame with cream cheese and chive. Warm; slightly toasted. Coffee, milk and sugar, to wash it down.

Several years ago I read an article that stated “the bagel” was one of the worst foods you could eat. While I could have though of a dozen other items worse than a bagel (how about a glazed donut, hot dogs, and fried twinkies), the bagel does deserve a few comments. In the spirit of health and wellness, avoiding bagels is a good start.

For your generic bagel, plan on investing about 300 calories (before the butter,  jam, or cream cheese), 460 mg sodium, and  59 grams of carbohydrates. Minimal fiber, and no significant vitamin or mineral  content. It’s an empty meal from a nutritional standpoint. A rare treat of a bagel won’t break the preverbal nutrition bank, but a regular dose of these, or similar bread products will kill you.

Panera Bread, a hands down favorite with everyone I talk with, has an expansive breakfast offering. Eating a plane bagel will look healthy compared to one of their breakfast sandwiches. Their sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich on Chibatta bread is deadly, packing in 550 calories, 29 grams of fat, 1040 mg sodium, and 44 grams of carbohydrates.

Keep in mind the American Heart Association recommends between 15-1800 mg of sodium (salt) per day.

The goad for 2013 is to avoid as many refined, man-made products as possible. Start by avoiding all bread and wheat products. The difficult part of all this is that we are surrounded by fast food establishments coast to coast. Make a conscious decision to stay away. Your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease will be reduced.

Substitute the beloved bagel for fruit and yogurt in the morning, egg whites with veggies, lean meats, or a fruit smoothie.

Let me know what you think.

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Thirty-One Days of Wellness: A Recap of the Month

During the month of January, Chuck Garcia and I posted 31 entries to reflect a broad range of topics related to health and wellness – topics that you can review for the entire year. To make them easily accessible, I have re-posted them on a single blog entry. Enjoy them again, and share them with your friends and family.

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Eating Salad for Breakfast

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How Bad is Read Meat: Dr. Galati and Matt Patrick KTRH Radio 

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Beach Body 10-Minute Trainer

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Dan Campolieta: Number 1 Meal: Breakfast

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Day 28
Frozen Fruits and Vegetables: Dr. Galati Explains

Day 29
Paleo Playground: Chuck Garcia Explains

Day 30
Paleo Playground: Part 2

Day 31
Healthy Recommendations and Books We Like

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Healthy Breakfast: #1 Meal of the Day with Dan Campolieta

This is a great educational video from Dan Campolieta, a trainer in Connecticut, who happens to be my nephew. Dan explains his breakfast plan, and why it is important to start the day off with a sold breakfast. This is a point that cannot be underestimated. When not educating on the benefits of exercise and nutrition, Dan is a professional musician.

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Day 2: Eating Salad for Breakfast-Revisited

Day 2: Eating Salad for Breakfast-Revisited

Editors Note: Every day we are launching the January 2012 collection of daily blog entries for the “31 Days of Wellness”, our annual celebration of the New Year, and the opportunity to start anew as we ring in the New Year. Enjoy, visit us daily, and send us your feedback.
Dr. Joe Galati

My Breakfast Bowl on December 24, 2011

This past summer, I submitted a post and podcast on the virtues of eating salad for breakfast. I still stand by what I said then, and continue to recommend this as an alternative to the usual breakfast of toast and cereal. When discussing breakfast options with patients, my mention of salad for breakfast certainly is something they are not expecting to hear. The general understanding is that salad is for lunch and dinner. Period. Looking a bit closer, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Numerous research studies have shown that skipping breakfast actually leads to obesity-especially in young girls. African American teens are hit the worst.

As an alternative, I recommend salad. The breakfast bowl pictured here is a mixture of Dole Classic Coleslaw (a generous fist-full) and a half cup of fresh blueberries (grown in the USA). This mixture was drizzled with a tablespoon (note: half the recommended serving size) of Newman’s Own Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. While rest of my family consumed NY bagels and rolls (we were in NY for Christmas visiting family), I sat content eating my salad.

So what is the take-home message?

As always, you need to think outside of the box. Salad can be a nutritious, filling meal for breakfast to get you off to the right start in the morning. Low in carbohydrates, it won’t slow you down later in the morning. It is packed with fiber and nutrients. Any fruit would do alongside the cabbage or lettuce you decide to use. Limit the dressing. For added protein, add a few slices of chicken breast or lean beef. Fish (yes fish) can also be added for protein.

Give it a try and I am sure you can incorporate salad into you breakfast diet a few times per week.

A list of Dole salad products are available here.

Newman’s Own Lite Dressings are available here.


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Eat Salad for Breakfast: Recommendations for a Better Breakfast Experience

Eat Salad for Breakfast: Recommendations for a Better Breakfast Experience



















This past week on Your Health First, I discussed why it’s a good idea to think about eating salad for breakfast.

Listen to the podcast here.

Let me know what you think.

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