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Harvoni: Points to Consider

Harvoni, the newly FDA approved drug for chronic hepatitis C, is indicated for genotype 1 patients only. All others, at this time, are not approved. Additional new drugs are in the process of receiving FDA approval for the other genotypes.

While there is no official indication for treating post-liver transplant patients, many experienced physicians will evaluate post liver transplant patients with recurrent hepatitis C.

For patients interested in being treated, it is important that your old records from prior treatments are available. We would need to be aware of your prior response to treatment.

In conversations with patients the past couple of weeks, they are amazed that there is no use of interferon and ribavirin, which was always a concern because of the numerous serious side effects. With Harvoni, side effects include fatigue, headache, nausea, diarrhea, and insomnia. Most of these occur between 3-14% of the times.

Overall, this remains an exciting time for everyone with HCV, realizing that a cute is within reach.

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New Hepatitis C Drug Harvoni FDA Approved: Information for Patients

More information on the new Gilead drug Harvoni for patients with hepatitis C.

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