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Dr. Joe Galati Discusses Colonoscopy: Instructions for our Patients

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Is there a Special Diet for Hepatitis C?

In this video, Dr. Galati explains the commonly asked question about “special diets for hepatitis C”, or for that matter, any form of liver disease.


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Nutrition’s Healing Powers

In 400 B.C. the Greek physician Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine” said, “Let they food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.”  Hippocrates realized that food impacts a person’ health, body and mind to help prevent illness as well as maintain wellness.

In Hippocrates’ Greece, as well as across pre-modern Europe and Asia since ancient times, foods were used to affect health.  For instance, the juice of liver was squeezed on the eye to treat diseases connected to Vitamin A deficiency.  Garlic as was used to cure athlete’s foot.  For British sailors on long journeys in the 17th century, citrus fruits were used to cure scurvy, giving the term “Limey” to the gentlemen who ate lemons and limes to improve their condition.

A great site for nutritional and fitness information I rely on heavily is by Dr. Mercola, who is an osteopathic physician, bestselling author, and trained in both traditional and natural medicine.

On his site he communicates a tremendous amount of sound advice in addition to success stories.  In a recent entry, Dr. Terry Wahls tells the inspiring story of how she reversed her multiple sclerosis by switching to a Paleo-style diet focused on fresh raw foods, high in specific nutrients needed for proper function of myelin and mitochondria.Through her research into MS, Dr. Wahls discovered that, for some unknown reason, in addition to the commonly known symptoms, MS patients’ brains also tend to shrink. This roused her curiosity, and led her to research other diseases that have similar brain shrinkage, namely Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. One common denominator is poorly functioning mitochondria. Mitochondria are like little ‘batteries’ in your cells that manage the energy supply to the cell, and unless you consume the correct nutrients, eventual mitochondrial malfunction is the obvious result.

What specifically did she do?

She eliminated processed foods, grains, and starches (which includes potatoes and corn). Amazingly, she began to notice significant improvement in just three months.

Dr. Wahls altered her diet to reflect the Paleo-style diet of the hunter-gatherers of old as follows:

  • 3 cups daily (equal to one dinner plate, piled high) of green leaves, such as kale, which are high in vitamins B, A, C, K, and minerals
  • 3 cups daily of sulfur-rich vegetables from the cabbage- and onion- families, mushrooms and asparagus
  • 3 cups daily of brightly colored vegetables, fruits and/or berries, which are a good source of antioxidants
  • Wild fish for animal-based omega-3’s
  • Grass-fed meat
  • Organ meats for vitamins and minerals

While we don’t profess to cure all diseases by nutrition (see a qualified physician), this illustrates the point that often what ails us is simply a lack of necessary nutrients that our bodies demand (but often don’t receive).

Before you pop over-the-counter or prescribed medications, review your diet and ensure you are feeding yourself appropriately.

The results may astound you!  To learn more about nutrition as medicine, check out this site.

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